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|    The Green Bees' faces    |

Far in a magic forest, behind a barrier of misty swamps and fallen trees, one special meadow lies. Its grassy areas are full of flowers, plants and many peaceful inhabitants. Even bees are good-natured there. Maybe because they are of unusual green color and the only thing they are busy with for many ages - is collecting honey in a big jars, securely hidden in a hollow tree trunks.

One day, a couple of brave bees decided to do something bigger – they set out to big cities and started to create mobile applications.

Miguel Angel Lázaro Solana (Madrid, Spain)
More than 20 years of design and development in the fields of computer vision, real-time, games and gambling systems.

Sergiy Kolomiets (Kyiv, Ukraine)
10+ years in software development, deep experience in many areas − from databases to web-development.
Active, hard-working and a smart guy ;)